Basic Property Tasks Involved In Hosting A Vacation Rental

Basic Property Tasks Involved In Hosting A Vacation Rental

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One minute you’re on the laptop glancing over calendars and budgets in the property. The next you’re up to your elbows in overflowing bathroom sink wondering exactly how and when rubber gloves became your best friend. Such can be the life of the vacation rental host.

The check-in process

Handing over a couple of keys is the kind of super-simple task that can quickly turn into a nightmare. Guests can be late, unreachable, lost, frustrated… possibly even all of the above! Instead of waiting around all day for them to arrive, a key concierge service will manage this side of things for you.

Basic Property Tasks Involved In Hosting A Vacation Rental

Cleaning the property for the next booking

We hardly need to drive home the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service. Hours saved and effort spared? Innumerable. However, be sure to hire cleaners who know the difference between cleaning a personal space and doing a hospitality turnover. Schedule them in after every guest for a thorough going-over of the place, and make sure you communicate to them any extra tasks you need like changing linen, restocking supplies and informing you of any damages.

Basic Property Tasks Involved In Hosting A Vacation Rental

Use professional interior design services

For most property owners, a little help can go a long way, considering just how important aesthetics are to the success of your listing. A qualified interior decorator will not only tweak your place to make it more appealing to potential guests, but they’ll know where to source things from, will be on top of what’s trending (and what’s timeless), and will certainly help you to supercharge your bookings using the magic of colour and space.

Basic Property Tasks Involved In Hosting A Vacation Rental

Maintaining the property

Blocked drains. Broken heaters. Blown fuses. Ant invasions. All things that it makes sense to rely on a professional for (unless you really, really love getting into your overalls at midnight on a Monday). Either have all of the necessary services on speed dial, or strike a deal with a property manager where maintenance issues are automatically taken care of. It’ll save a serious amount of stress – and keep any negative reviews at bay.

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