We offer a full service cycle so we make this a hassle free experience for you : Dressing up the property, professional photography, pricing optimisation, calendar management, guest vetting and bookings, guest greeting and communication, professional cleaning and laundry services, and of course the essential “WoW” factor for our guests.
We work with a variety of people. If you are a professional landlord looking to maximise your rental yield or you have just purchased your first property in London, and you are looking for a trusted professional to take care of the entire process for you hassle free, then we will be more than happy to hear from you.
Apart from the dynamic pricing strategies we utilise to fill any open dates, what sets us apart is that we don’t focus on 1 platform as majority of the other serviced providers do. We leverage more than 30+ platforms from across the word to attract a variety of guests and to maximise the occupancy rate and exposure of your place. Finally our client success team constantly monitors the performance of your home, so you don’t have to.
With all of our landlords we go in depth with our comprehensive safety measures that we take to ensure that your home is fully protected. We have implemented highly effective strategies to mitigate against any potential safety issues – our experienced team performs thorough guest screenings before, in person check ins and security deposits. In addition some of the platforms do provide insurance.
If you want to know how to get started – give us a call on 020 81 44 33 81 or simply send us an email at contact@winwinnkeeper.net, we are pretty swift at contacting you back! WinwInnkeeper will contact you to arrange a visit and discuss how to maximise your rental income as well as maximise the occupancy level of the property.
Once things are set up and running on the booking platforms, our account management team will give you access to our software where you can monitor the performance, bookings and financials.
We have a 24/7 customer service team able to respond to guests either via telephone or email. Should guests need any further assistance, we can always dispatch one of our Check-In Maestros to help on sight.
We don’t believe in long term contracts, because we are confident in what we can deliver for our landlords. We offer a flexible 4 week trial in which you can see how the property performs and from that point make a decision.
Depending on the state of the property after we conduct a visit we can stage, shoot it and have it up and running in a maximum of 2 days.
You can use our calculator and find out what is the average revenue that can be generated by a property in that specific address.
We will provide a Guest Ready Checklist with essential items which needs to be in place, before our teams can move in to stage and shoot the property.