A Few Tips To Increase Your Airbnb Income

A Few Tips To Increase Your Airbnb Income

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Actually making money on Airbnb is the biggest challenge that most hosts face. Many hosts never seem to be able to increase their revenue. If you’re looking for ways to get more out of your rental, check out these ideas to boost your Airbnb earnings.

Regularly carry out touch-ups

Even simple touch-ups – like a fresh coat of paint or better appliances – can make your place more appealing to guests. Bigger changes such as new floors and improved disabled accessibility can make a place more appealing to book.

Push experiences in your city

Hosts can create unique experiences based on their passions or interests. For example, introducing out of town foodies to your town’s restaurant scene. Successful experience hosts can generate more great reviews and of course, more earnings

Capitalise by accommodating more Airbnb guests

You could add a functional sleeper sofa in your living room and easily have space for two more people. This would allow you to increase the price per night significantly.

Utilise the services of a Airbnb management company

If hosting is not your full-time job, you could use a professional Airbnb management service to take care of the finer details. Such companies deal with all aspects of guest handling and even enable you to book out your units when you are out of town.

Market your property throughout the entire year

Many hosts make the mistake of only listing their properties at certain times of the year. Try to keep your units listed all the time for the best chance at full occupancy, even when it’s the low season.

Opt for a professional cleaning service

Guests will always prefer a place that is adequately and professionally cleaned. Even one negative review saying cleaning wasn’t up to scratch can damage future bookings. Hiring a professional cleaner will make sure no spots are missed, and your ratings stay high.

Accommodate business travellers

Business travel is one of the fastest growing segments on Airbnb, and it’s great because it’s year round – not affected by the seasonality of your location. Taking a few steps to attract business travellers, such as adding high-speed internet, can quickly increase your number of bookings.

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  1. These are great points for an experienced host who is in the swing of things but it is hard to see if there is robust business planning at the heart of many of these rentals. Without sound business planning and a dispassionate approach to maximising occupancy, holiday homes can become a painfully expensive vanity project numbed by peak season cash flow. Does WinInnKeeper assist with business planning?

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