Beginners Tips For Vacation Rental Hosting

Beginners Tips For Vacation Rental Hosting

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Let’s take a look at the most important aspects you can do to optimise your vacation rental listing.

Focus on online booking platforms

Listings that offer online booking attract around 50% more reservations than those without this feature activated. Pair this with the 90% of guests who prefer to book online and it’s a total no-brainer.

Taking bookings and payments over the Internet makes for a convenient experience for both sides. Guests are happy their accommodation request is processed quickly and owners are pleased to have the nights blocked out of their calendar.

Use a memorable and eye-catching title

The property headline is the first thing guests will see in vacation rental search results – so you need to make it count. That’s why it’s a great idea to assess your competition first and write something different to them on purpose. Play with your strengths – what does your home that none of the others have? Use your uniqueness to draw potential guests in.

Respond to potential guests as quickly as possible

One of the main factors that can affect your vacation rental listing quality score is how long you take to respond to inquiring guests. Vacation rental platforms suggests responding within 24 hours maximum. Even quicker responses (i.e. no more than a few hours), however, are likely to have a positive effect both on your guests and your listing score.

Create a library of excellent guest reviews

Reviews are one of the top resources travellers on vacation rental platforms use to help make their final decision regarding a vacation rental property. That means it’s more important than ever that you ask each and every guest to review his or her stay at your home. Gather as many reviews as possible in order to reach the coveted five-star or 10 out of 10 status.

Provide location information

Providing a verified property address for your rental will also help boost your listing ranking on vacation rental platforms. No need to worry, though – they won’t share your exact address with users, it will just use the information to pinpoint a rough location on the map search.

Make sure your calendar is up-to-date

There’s nothing more frustrating for travellers than trying to book a property and finding out the calendar hasn’t been updated in months and is fully booked. Keeping your availability accurate will help you achieve more bookings and maintain your listing’s quality at the same time. If you don’t update your calendar at least every 30 days, vacation rental platforms will stop displaying it on the listing page. Though it’s recommended you do it at least every 15 days, if not more frequently.

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