Seizing An Opportunity By Making Your Vacation Rental Pet-Friendly

Seizing An Opportunity By Making Your Vacation Rental Pet-Friendly

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Appealing to a larger vacation rental market

Solo travellers, families and retirees often prefer to include their pets in their vacation plans as they provide company and security for owners during a stay in a strange new place. Pet lovers also feel guilty at leaving their four-legged friends behind in boarding kennels, so are more than happy to pay extra for suitable pet-friendly accommodation. Many travellers enjoy active outdoor pursuits in spring and fall and specifically want to bring their pets along. This provides high demand for pet-friendly accommodation in months that typically are not fully booked. Airlines, restaurants and hotels are increasingly pet-friendly, so by welcoming pets to your vacation rental, you can easily stand out from the crowd and attract more bookings.

Increased profits

Vacation rental owners typically charge 20-30% more for pet-friendly properties. This is due to the higher demand for properties that welcome pets, particularly those that provide thoughtful extra touches such as dog dishes, feeding mats, chewable toys and a welcome treat.

Better reviews and feedback

Vacation rentals typically offer more space than hotel rooms, making them far more desirable for pet owners. A secure yard, pet-friendly parks, countryside walks and long beaches nearby will certainly appeal to dog-lovers. And happy clients equal higher satisfaction rating and feedback. These positive reviews will, in turn, generate more bookings for your property in the future.


Increased noise level

On the negative side, allowing pets to stay can cause some noise disturbance, particularly in apartments or multi-unit properties. After all, nobody wants a meowing cat or a yapping dog keeping them up all night. If your property has a shared entrance or communal gardens, other owners may consider unfamiliar dogs a nuisance.

Pet allergies

Some future guests may have allergies to fur or pet dander, traces of which may be left behind even after the deepest clean. Unfortunately, fleas and ticks may also take up residence at your rental even after their four-legged host has departed.

Pet-friendly properties must be inspected for damage or evidence of infestation before releasing the security deposit. You should instigate strict flea control routines and shampoo all carpets and rugs after every guest, particularly if the incoming guest does not have pets traveling with them.

Property damage

Cleaning procedures must include routine inspection for damage, including chewed cables and scratched doors. You may want to limit pets by size/weight or quantity to lower the risk of pet damage. However, big dogs generally tend to have a mellower disposition and are less prone to chewing than smaller dogs.

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